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Navigating around the site.   

The primary organizing concept of this site is that someone familiar with all the resources and issues should guide the reader through the materials. Thus we have created topic pages, which are portals for access to a diversity of related materials under one heading. A list of topic pages can be found on the left hand navigation bar.  From each topic page, two to three different levels of explanation are provided; introductions of one page, quick overviews of three to ten pages and full discussions of ten or more pages will be present for each topic. As a sample visit the topic page for the US Bald and Golden Eagle Act. 

The majority of the materials on this site can be divided into three categories.  

  • Primary legal materials – cases, statutes, regulations, and treaties.
  • Secondary legal materials – articles, news stories.
  • Opinions.

 For direct access to the primary legal materials:

  • Use the general search engine at the top of the left column.
  • Use the state tables for cases or statutes just below the general search engine.
  • Use the appropriate topic page to link into the materials.

 For access to the secondary materials:

  • Use the topic pages as an entry point.
  • Use the general search engine with author’s name.
  • Use the table of articles linked from the navigation bar.
  • Use the species table from the navigation bar.

 Most materials contain links into other materials, so that there is constant thread that can be followed through the site. Regularity of organization of tables and topic pages should allow the somewhat experienced user to quickly move to the materials that they seek.