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West's Pennsylvania Administrative Code. Title 58. Recreation. Part III. Game Commission. Chapter 147. Special Permits. Subchapter N. Exotic Wildlife Possession

Country of Origin: United States - Pennsylvania

Agency of Origin: Game Commission

National Citation: 58 Pa. Code 147.261 - 262

Agency Citation:

Printable Version 58 PA ADC 147.261 - 262

Last checked by Web Center Staff: 06/2013

Summary:   short summary
Material in Full:

§ 147.261. Scope.

(a) General. This subchapter relates to the housing and care of exotic wildlife, and public protection from exotic wildlife held or transported by a person under the act or this part.

(b) Confinement. It is unlawful to maintain exotic wildlife, in confinement, in unsanitary or unsafe condition, or in a manner which results in maltreatment, mistreatment or neglect. No exotic wildlife may be confined in a pen, cage or enclosure which does not meet the minimum pen specifications in this subchapter. An animal may not be chained or tethered, or otherwise impeded from moving freely within a cage or enclosure unless otherwise indicated on the permit.

(c) Housing. Exotic wildlife shall be housed in a safe and sanitary manner. Failure to provide sanitary surroundings for exotic wildlife or failure to adequately protect the public from exotic wildlife possessed under the act and this subchapter is a violation of this subchapter.

(d) Bill of sale. It is unlawful for a person to possess exotic wildlife, except as provided in this subchapter, without having a bill of sale or other documentary evidence showing the name and address of the supplier of the exotic wildlife.

(e) Permit. A separate exotic wildlife possession permit is required for each animal.

(f) Experience required. A new applicant for an exotic wildlife possession permit shall provide documentation of at least 2 years experience of hands-on work with the designated species, including care, feeding, handling, training and husbandry. This experience shall be from a recognized/approved facility and the owner, manager or licensee of this facility shall provide a letter of reference.

Adopted July 1, 1987; Amended Mar. 26, 1994; Amended Apr. 5, 2003.


§ 147.262. Restrictions.

Sections 147.242--147.246 (relating to safety; sanitation; housing; acquisition and disposal; and health and welfare) pertain to all exotic wildlife possession permits.

Adopted July 1, 1987.

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