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Author Article Name Summary
unknown   The History of the RSPCA   This short article relates the formation and early history of the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals.  
Clara Morris   Riddle of the Nineteenth Century: Mr. Henry Bergh   A short article about the person of Henry Bergh who started the ASPCA and the adoption of first of the modern anti-cruelty laws.  
David Favre   Overview of the Historical Materials   This article provides a quick overview of the historical materials available through the Web Center  
Mass. Society for Prev. Cruelty to Animals   Our Dumb Animals Vol 20 No.3   This is a magazine published by the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.�It is a mixture of articles, humor, poems and information, not unlike the Reader's Digest format of today. It is reflective of a softer, gentler era.  
ASPCA   Annual Reports of American Soceity for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals -1889 & 1904   The ASPCA Published Annual reports with considerable detail about the years events, particular enforcement actions, and reports about cruelty issues.  
William Nelson   The Laws Concerning Game   This is nice summary of the history of English Game Law from 1066-1700's. Introduction from book.  
Matthew Bacon   Bacon on "Game"   A full explaination of the laws of game for the British. 1800-1850 with notes from US experience.  

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