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Offences against Private Property

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Citation: Conn. Gen. Stat. 6268 (1918)

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Section 6268 of Chapter 329 from the 1918 General Laws of Connecticut covers the unlawful injury to certain property of another.  Specifically, the statute states the punishment for hurting, maiming, poisoning anther's cattle, ox, horse, and mule.

Statute in Full:


Offences against Private Property.

Section 6268. Unlawful injury to certain property of another. Every person who shall set on fire any woods or stack of hay or grain so as thereby to occasion injury to another; or shall injure or destroy any public bridge, or any fire engine or hose, or any mill-dam, or hydraulic works, or any machinery attached to any mill, manufactory or steamboat; or shall kill, wound or disfigure, or administer any poison or noxious substance to, any horse, ass, mule or neat cattle, with intent to kill or injure the same, or shall injure any cloths in process of manufacture, shall, if such act is done willfully, be fined not more than one thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

Rev. 1902, Sec. 1218. 1905, ch. 238.

See Sec. 2162.

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