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Brazil Federal Decree on Anti-Cruelty No. 24,645

Country of Origin: Brazil

Agency of Origin: President

National Citation: Federal Decree 24,645

Summary:   This is a short summary of the federal decree that gives federal jurisdiction over some domestic animal issues.  
Material in Full:

The Federal Decree 24,645 established measures of animals protection against cruelty and ill treatment , especially working animals. It was promulgated in July of 1934 by president Getulio Vargas, then head of the Provisory Governement.

This Federal Decree, which has force of a law, still is in effect in the part that defines and exemplifies acts of abuse or cruelty in animals. The following are some behaviors that are considered " practice of abuse or cruelty" by the law :

- to maintain animals in anti-hygienic places or where they can not breath properly, move or rest, or are deprived of air or light;

- to overwork an animal, using an animal for working when it is not physically fit, or any act that can results in suffering, such as : beating, injuring or mutilating voluntarily some organ or tissue;

- to abandon animal that is ill, hurt, worn out or mutilated, and also not giving to it everything that is possible, including veterinary assistance;

- not giving quickly death, without long suffering, for an animal which extermination is necessary for consume or not;

- to make an animal work in advanced period of gestation;

- to make an animal travel by foot for more than 10 Km, without giving it a rest, or to make it work more than 6 continuous hours, without water and food;

- to wound, injury or mutilate an animal;

- to train an animal with physical punishments;

- to cause or promote an animal to fight with another.

The Decree 24.645/34 also established that all animals are under the protection of The State and the interest of animals are protected by prosecutors and members of non-governmental animal protection organizations, and Public Litigation can be brought on animalís behalf .



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