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Materials from South Africa

(Provided by Melissa Lewis)


Animal Protection Act (17 pages – 107kb .pdf) Containing:

Animal Protection Act - page 1

Performing Animal Protection Act (including guard dogs) – page 12

Regulations for Performing Animal Protection Act

Regulations of Seizure of Animals by SPCA’s – page 14


Biodiversity Act of 2004 (includes provisions for protection of endangered species & endangered ecosystems) (43 pages 2551kb .pdf)


Endangered Species Regulations, 2007 (65 pages, 250kb .pdf)

List of Protected Species, 2007 (8 pages, 89kb .pdf)

South Africa Protected Areas, 2004 (26 pages, 2686 .pdf)


Farmed Lion Hunt case (2009) (80 pages 322kb .pdf)