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Stein v. Prince (1995)

Plaintiff's Attorney:   Julia A. Sportolari

Topic: Veterinary Malpractice

Case File #:   95M-017348

Jurisdiction:   IL Circuit Court of Cook County, Municipal Division

Year Case Filed:   1995

Name of the Document:   First Amended Complaint

Printible Version

This Illinois action brings forth the claims of four sets of plaintiffs for various claims against defendant-veterinarian.  While the specific facts concerning the alleged wrongdoings are not provided, it appears that defendant was a veterinarian who operated a medical center and animal boarding facility.  Plaintiffs all raise four counts against defendant (breach of contract, negligence, malpractice, and bailment) for the deaths of their dogs.  From each set of facts, the various plaintiffs allege that their dogs were in good health prior to boarding their dogs at defendant’s facility, and each dog subsequently died in its cage.  In the negligence and malpractice counts, the plaintiffs note that defendants failed to provide an adequate environment to ensure the dogs’ safety, failed to provide adequate ventilation, failed to sterilize the boarding area after sick animals had been housed there, and then failed to properly preserve the companion animals to ensure accurate necropsies, among other things.  All plaintiffs sought both actual damages for the loss of their companions as well as damages related to their “reasonable sentimental value.” 

Chronology of Document(s):

Plaintiff’s First Amended Complaint (10/1995) (pdf. 273 KB)

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