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Taylor v. Burgess, et al. (2001)

Plaintiff's Attorney:   Katie Marie Brophy

Topic: Pet damages

Case Citation:   44 S.W.3d 806, 91 A.L.R.5th 749 (Ky. 2001)

Jurisdiction:   Kentucky, United States

Year Case Filed:   1995

Printible Version

Taylor v. Burgess is an excellent case to get an idea of the full chronology of a civil case.  Additionally, it is a landmark case in Kentucky.  Currently, Kentucky is one of the few states that allows non-economic damages for the loss of an animal. 

Judy Taylor, a disabled woman, owned two horses.  As her muscular dystrophy progressed, she became unable to care for her beloved horses.  Judy placed her horses with a couple who promised to care for them in exchange for the opportunity to ride them (common in the horse trade).  The couple immediately sold the horses to the slaughter industry.  Judy Taylor successfully sued for non-economic damages.

Burgess v. Taylor, 44 S.W.3d 806 (2001) (Complete published case).

Plaintiff's Complaint (1995) (pdf file 351 KB)

Plaintiff's Amended Complaint (1995) (pdf file 245 KB)

Plaintiff's Second Amended Complaint (1998) (pdf file 227 KB)

Plaintiff's Response to Motion to Amend, Alter or Vacate Judgment, Motion for Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict and Motion for New Trial (06/23/1999) (pdf file 471 KB)

Brief for Appellant (1999) (pdf file 2401 KB)

Appellant's Response (12/28/1999) (pdf file 352 KB)

Appellant's Response 2 (03/20/1999) (pdf file 1255 KB)

Appellant's Response 3 (01/04/2000) (pdf file 573 KB)

Appellant's Response 4 (12/28/1999) (pdf file 441 KB)

Appellant's Petition for Rehearing (03/14/2001) (pdf file 1126 KB)

Motion for Discretionary Review (06/11/2001) (pdf file 1019 KB)


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