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Medeiros v. Lloyd (1987)

Plaintiff's Attorney:   Steven M. Wise

Topic: Veterinary Malpractice

Jurisdiction:   Massachusetts, United States

Year Case Filed:   1987

Printible Version

The Board of Registration in Veterinary Medicine had sanctioned Dr. Lloyd for improper treatment of a dog, "Pooch," for heartworms.  This is a suit for damages against Dr. Lloyd.  The briefs are drafted by none other than one of the best-known names in Animal Law, Steven M. Wise.

Plaintiff's Reply Brief (01/09/1987) (pdf file287 KB)

Motion for Summary Judgment (1987) (pdf file 278 KB)

Memo in Support of Argument for Damages for Emotional Distress (02/02/1987) (pdf file 658 KB)

Memo in Support of Measure of Damages (1987) (pdf file 785 KB)

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