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In re Callan Jr. (2007)

Plaintiff's Attorney:   Allen Gardner

3rd Party Attorney:   Joseph T. Townsend

Topic: Wills and Trusts (appointment of guardian ad litem)

Case File #:   D-2252

Jurisdiction:   Tennessee

Year Case Filed:   2007

Name of the Document:   Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem

Printible Version

This Tennessee order appoints a guardian ad litem for the custody and care of decedent, Ronald W. Callan Jr.'s, dog. According to the order, the guardian ad litem (an attorney in this case) acts not as an advocate for the dog, but rather has a duty to determine what is in the dog's best welfare. Further, the guardian is given unlimited access to the dog and has the right to inspect where the dog is being sheltered. He can also inspect all veterinary records and speak with the dog's veterinarian.

Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem (357.85 KB).

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