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Richardson v. Primarily Primates (2006)

Plaintiff's Attorney:   Lisa A. Vance, Michael L. Gayler, Ann Megee

Defendant's Attorney:   Eric Turton

Topic: Primates - cruelty

Case File #:   1006-CI-06691

Jurisdiction:   Texas

Year Case Filed:   2006

Name of the Document:   Plaintiffs' Second Amended Original Petition

Printible Version

In this case, plaintiffs are non-human primates and humans interested in their welfare.  The primates were formerly part of a research program run at Ohio State University for cognition research (the OSU Chimpanzee Cognition Center).  After funding ran out, OSU sold the chimpanzees to Primarily Primates Inc. (“PPI”), who held themselves out to be non-profit that acts a sanctuary for retiring animals.  However, plaintiffs allege that the conditions in which the chimpanzees were housed were inadequate and proper care was not provided to the primates (several of the animals died in transit and at the facility).  Plaintiffs sued for breach of contract or, in the alternative, a declaratory judgment that would transfer the animals to a new sanctuary because defendants’ actions are unlawful under Texas laws.  Plaintiffs also sought a temporary restraining order that would allow a team of independent caretakers and veterinarians to assess the current conditions at PPI and prevent them from accepting any new primates, among other things. 


Plaintiffs' Second Amended Original Petition (05/04/2006) (pdf file - 1.16 MB)

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