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Mansour v. King County (2006)

Defendant's Attorney:   King County

Topic: Dangerous dog

Case File #:   55292-9-1

Jurisdiction:   Washington

Year Case Filed:   2006

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In this Washington case, Division One of the Washington Court of Appeals reversed a King County Animal Control decision declaring a dog vicious and ordering her removed from the county.  This decision overrides the practice of a dog being presumed guilty until proven innocent in that county.  The court found that for Mansour or any other pet owner to prove effectively present his or her case and rebut the evidence against him or her, due process requires that he or she be able to subpoena witnesses and present records.  Mr. Mansour was prejudiced in his case because he was not allowed to do so and was not given sufficient notice for the hearing.


Press Release from Law Offices of Adam P. Karp (01/23/2006) (pdf file - 92.15 KB)

Opinion from Washington State Court of Appeals (1/23/2006) (pdf file - 533.38 KB)


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