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This portion of the Animal Law Site is an opportunity to read different perspectives on animal issues:   

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Submissions:  The general public is invited to submit an opinion piece for publication. The focus should be on a law, proposed law or public policy dealing with animals. For example, an opinion piece could address the issue of animals used in zoos, or the strengths or weakness of the Federal Animal Welfare Act. 

While it may be in the style of a letter to the editor, a more academic, reflective style is encouraged. The material cannot have been published elsewhere. Thoughtfulness, originality, importance of the issue and writing quality will all be criteria used by the editor in deciding which submissions to publish. Maximum of 600 words please. Footnotes not required but facts must be supportable.

Submission is presumed to be a grant of permission to publish on a non-exclusive basis and the author is warned that once published on any website, control of the use of the materials is inherently difficult.