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Code of Alabama. Title 11. Counties and Municipal Corporations. Subtitle 2. Provisions Applicable to Municipal Corporations Only. Chapter 47. Powers, Duties, and Liabilities Generally. Article 5. Powers as to Health, Sanitation, and Quarantine.

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Citation: AL ST 11-47-130 to 131

Citation: Ala.Code 1975 11-47-130 to 131

Last Checked by Web Center Staff: 10/2012

Summary:   This set of laws authorizes all cities and towns to regulate animals and animal related conditions that pose a threat to the public health.

Statute in Full:

§ 11-47-130. Maintenance of health and cleanliness generally.

All cities and towns in this state shall have the power to maintain the health and cleanliness of the city or town within its limits and within the police jurisdiction thereof 


(Code 1907, § 1290; Code 1923, § 2048; Code 1940, T. 37, § 491.)


§ 11-47-131. Powers as to health, sanitation, and quarantine generally.

In addition to the powers granted to them by the applicable provisions of this title or any other provisions of law, all cities and towns of this state shall have the following powers, and the councils or other governing bodies of such cities and towns may provide by ordinance or resolution for the exercise or enforcement of the same:

(1) To prevent the introduction of contagious, infectious, or pestilential diseases into such cities or towns;

(2) To establish and regulate a sufficient quarantine, not inconsistent with laws of the state, in the towns and cities and within the police jurisdiction thereof and to punish any breach of quarantine law;

(3) To adopt such ordinances and regulations as the council or other governing body may deem necessary to insure good sanitary condition in public places or in private premises in the cities and towns; and

(4) To prescribe the duties and fix the salaries and compensation for such health officials as they may deem necessary.


(Code 1907, § 1276; Code 1923, § 2032; Code 1940, T. 37, § 492.)


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