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Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated. Title 11. Counties. Chapter 7. Intergovernmental Operations. Article 6. Animal Control.

Statute Details
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Citation: AZ ST 11-1012

Citation: A. R. S. 11-1012

Last Checked by Web Center Staff: 10/2013

Summary:   This Arizona laws provides generally that no female dog in her breeding season or vicious dog may be allowed to go at large.  It further delineates the state's leash requirements for dogs, including during times of rabies quarantines, in state parks, and at public schools.  Exceptions under the law include the training of livestock dogs and hunting dogs, among others.

Statute in Full:

A. Neither a female dog during her breeding or mating season nor a vicious dog shall be permitted at large.

B. In a rabies quarantine area, no dogs shall be permitted at large. Each dog shall be confined within an enclosure on the owner's property, secured so that the dog is confined entirely to the owner's property, or on a leash not to exceed six feet in length and directly under the owner's control when not on the owner's property.

C. Any dog over the age of three months running at large shall wear a collar or harness to which is attached a valid license tag. Dogs that are used for control of livestock, being used or trained for hunting or dogs, being exhibited or trained at a kennel club event or engaged in races approved by the Arizona racing commission, and while the dogs are being transported to and from such events, need not wear a collar or harness with a valid license attached provided that they are properly vaccinated, licensed and controlled.

D. No person in charge of any dog shall permit such dog in a public park or upon any public school property unless the dog is physically restrained by a leash, enclosed in a car, cage or similar enclosure or being exhibited or trained at a recognized kennel club event, public school or park sponsored event.


Added as § 24-370 by Laws 1962, Ch. 86, § 2. Amended by Laws 1975, Ch. 164, § 8. Renumbered as § 11-1012 by Laws 1990, Ch. 374, § 222, eff. Jan. 1, 1991; Laws 2003, Ch. 152, § 3.


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