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West's Louisiana Statutes Annotated. Louisiana Revised Statutes. TITLE 3. AGRICULTURE AND FORESTRY. CHAPTER 18. ANIMALS RUNNING AT LARGE. PART IV. DOGS--REGULATION BY LOCAL AUTHORITIES. 2731. Parishes and municipalities may regulate

Statute Details
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Citation: LA R.S. 3:2731

Citation: LSA-R.S. 3:2731

Last Checked by Web Center Staff: 01/2014


This Louisiana statute provides that the governing bodies of all parishes and municipalities may impose license taxes on all dogs, enact ordinances for the regulation of dogs running at large, and maintain pounds for the impounding of dogs.

Statute in Full:

The governing bodies of all parishes and municipalities may adopt ordinances regulating dogs running at large; regulating or prohibiting vicious or dangerous dogs; or to limit the enforcement of said ordinances or the imposition of fees and fines thereunder. In addition, such ordinances may provide for the utilization of the proceeds of dog and cat license fees and fines for the operation of its animal control program or for the effective enforcement of its animal control ordinances.


Amended by Acts 2010, No. 108, § 1.

2011 Main Volume

Act 198 of 1910 provided that police juries are authorized to impose annual license taxes on dogs and to make such regulations as are deemed fit. Act No. 225 of 1926 authorized a commission in cities of over 100,000 to impound dogs running at large and to use proceeds of tax imposed by city ordinance. The provisions of these two statutes were integrated in this Part to establish the authority of all local governments to regulate pertaining to dogs. Regulation by local governments would be in addition to any state-wide regulations imposed.

The authority of the parish and the authority of municipalities (§ 2 of Act No. 225 of 1926) were combined in this section.


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