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Table of State Dog Related Statutes

Rebecca Wisch

Michigan State University - Detroit College of Law
Publish Date:
Place of Publication: Michigan State University - Detroit College of Law
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Table of State Dog Related Statutes

State Name


Dog As Property; Definition


Gen’l Dog Ordinance


Dogs at Large; Loose Dogs


Breed-Specific Laws, including Wolf-Hybrid


Dogs Attacking Livestock, Game, or Domestic Animals


Dangerous Dog Laws


Impound & Seizure Laws


Dog Health & Rabies Quarantine Provisions


Licensing, Tax, & Registration Provisions


Dog Fighting Provisions


Animal Shelter Provisions; Pet Shop Regulations; Kennels; Scientific Research Provisions


Stray/Abandoned Animal Provisions




Other Provisions





Power of Village Council to Control Dogs
AK ST 03-55-070

Dogs at Large
AK ST 3-55




















Maintenance of Pound; Notice; Adoption
AL ST 3-7A-7


Destruction of Impounded Dogs & Cats
AL ST 3-7A-8











Reg. by Suburban Improvement District
AR ST 14-16-701

Dogs Running at Large
AR ST 14-54-1102















Powers/Duties of Bd. Supervisors
AZ ST 11-1-5

Exemption of Cities, Towns & Counties
AZ ST 11-1018

General Ordinance Powers
AZ ST 9-219





Lawful Presence on Private Property Defined
AZ ST 11-1026











Regulation & Control of Dogs; Maintenance of Pound & Rabies Control
Cal. Health & Saf. Code 121690




Dangerous Dog Provisions
Cal. Food & Ag. Code 31601

Seizure & Impoundment Pending Hearing
 Cal. Food & Ag. Code 31625

Seizure & Impoundment of Dogs on Private Property
Cal. Gov’t Code 53074


City dog license tags
Cal. Food & Ag. Code 30502


Fighting Dogs
Cal. Penal Code 597-5

Fighting Animals
Cal. Penal Code 597b

Owning, Keeping, Training Animal for Fighting
Cal. Penal Code 597c

Warrantless Arrests at Animal Fights
Cal. Penal Code 597d

Attaching Live Animal to be Pursued by Dog
Cal. Penal Code 597h

Unlawful Operation of Pet Shop
Cal. Penal Code 597l



Abandonment of Animal
Cal. Penal Code 597s



Permissible Methods for Killing Newborn dog or cat 
Cal. Penal Code 597v

Prohibition Against Killing Dog or Cat by Use of High-Altitude Chamber
Cal. Penal Code 597w

Policy Against Euthanization of Adoptable Animal
Cal. Penal Code 599d

Requirement that Animal Unfit for Employment be Killed
Cal. Penal Code 599e

Killing Dog or Cat for the Animal’s Pelt
Cal. Penal Code 598a





Animal Control Officers
CO ST 30-15-105

Uninoculated Animals Not to Run at Large
CO ST 25-4-610




Liability for Accident/Disease from Impoundment
 CO ST 30-15-104


Pet Animal Control & Licensing
CO ST 30-15-101
























Dogs Deemed Personal Property
DE ST 1708

Local Ordinances
DE ST T.7 1740












Proposed Bill to Make Sale of Dog/Cat Products Unlawful
(2000 Senate Bill 374)







Dog Ordinances; Interpretation with Dangerous Dog Law
FL ST 767.07

Additional Local Restrictions on Dangerous Dogs
FL ST 767.14













Juris. & Duties of Local Gov’t
GA ST 4-8-22



Dangerous Dog Ordinances
GA ST 4-8-29












HI ST 143-1

Regulation of Other Animals
HI ST 143-2.5

HI ST 143-19

Female Dogs (at large)

HI ST 143-14


Liability of Dog Owner

HI ST 142-74


Human Bitten by Dog; Duty of Dog Owner

HI ST 142-75


Pounds & Animal Control

HI ST 143-7


Seizure & Redemption of Unlicensed Dogs

HI ST 143-8


Redemption of Dog After Sale

HI ST 143-9


Contracts for Seizing & Impounding Dogs

HI ST 143-15


Contract Btw. County of Kauai & Kauai H.S.

HI ST 143-16


Wrongful Interference w/ Officers

HI ST 143-17


Unlawful Disposition of Impounded Dogs

HI ST 143-18

Seizure & Disposal of Diseased Dogs

HI ST 143-12


Destruction of Diseased or Unfit Dogs

HI ST 143-13

License Required

HI ST 143-2


License Fee Controlled by Ordinance

HI ST 143-3


Issuance of License & Tag

HI ST 143-4


Removal & Imitation Dog Tag

HI ST 143-5


Lost Dog Tags

HI ST 143-6



Animal Desertion

HI ST 143-2.6


Stray Dogs

HI ST 143-10


Redemption of Stray Licensed Dogs

HI ST 143-11





Dogs as Property (Microchip)
ID ST 25-2807

















Power of Municipality to Regulate Dogs
IL ST Ch. 510 5/24

Appt. of Animal Control Officers; Microchip. & Registration
IL ST Ch. 510 5/3

Duties of Admin.; Local Dog Ordinances
IL ST Ch. 510 5/5







Animal Control Fund Regis. Fees; Uses
IL ST Ch. 510 5/7








Dogs as Personal Property
IN ST 15-5-10.1

Other Powers Not Limited (dog ordin.)
IN ST 15-5-12.6















Dog as Property
IA ST 351.25

Duties of County Board
IA ST 331.381

Laws Not a Limitation on Municipal Authority
IA ST 351.41

Dogs Running at Large
IA ST 351.37


Right to Kill Untagged Dog Chasing Livestock
IA ST 351-27


Enforcement of Vaccination & Impoundment Laws
IA ST 351.36


Right to Kill Untagged Dog
IA ST 351.26
























Licensed Dogs as Personal Property; Destruct. Prohibited
KY ST 258.245

Dog Wardens, County Ordinances, Dog Pounds
KY ST 258.195

Other State & Local Laws Not Affected
KY ST 258.365

Confinement & Control at Night; Exemption of Hunting
KY ST 258.265


Dog Confinement & Destruction; Causing Damage to Livestock, Persons or Poultry
KY ST 258.325

Dog Quarantine in Case of Excessive Livestock, Poultry, or Domestic Game Bird Damage
KY ST 258.345


Seizure, Impounding & Destruction of Dog Lacking Tag; Exemption of Hunting Dog
KY ST 258.215











Parishes & Municipalities May Regulate Dogs
L.A.R.S. 3-2731
















Dog Ordinance Regulations (Carroll & Frederick)
MD Code Art. 24 11-511

Washington Co. Commissioners; dog ordin.
MD Code Art. 25 236A

Seizure of Dogs at Large
MD Code Art. 24 11-510















By-laws & Ordinances for Regulation of Dogs
MA ST 140-147A

Ordinances & By-Laws Related to Dogs
MA ST 140-173

Violation of Dog Control Laws (Non-Crim.)
MA ST 140-173A
















Animal Control Agency; Estab.; County Animal Control
MI ST 287.289a

City, Township, Village Animal Control Ordin.
MI ST 287.290

Gen’l Powers of City; Ordin.
MI ST 91.1


Possess of Wolf Dog Hybrid
MI ST 287.1004

Wolf-Dog Cross Act; Ordinances
MI ST 287.1021















Interpretation of Dog Ordin.
MN ST 347.21

What Electors May Do at Town Meetings
MN ST 365.10

Town Board Powers
MN ST 366.01







Unlicensed Dogs
MN ST 347.14










Running of Animals at Large
MS ST 19-5-50

Dogs Running at Large; Vaccination
MS ST 41-43-11















What Municipalities May Regulate
MO ST 77-510

Board of Aldermen Powers
MO ST 79-400
















County Control of Dogs
MT ST 7-23-2108





Vicious Dog Control
MT ST 7-23-2109



Relation of Municipal License Tags to Other Laws
MT ST 7-23-4103









Dogs & Other Animals – Licensing & Regulation
NE ST 15-220

Animals at Large
NE ST 15-218




Dangerous Dogs; Local Ordinance
NE ST 54-624



Dogs & Other Animals – License Tax
NE ST 17-526

Dogs – License Tax; Amount
NE ST 54-603








Personal Property Defined
NV ST 193.021

Ordinance Concerning Control of Animals
NV ST 244.359













New Hampshire




Dog Control Law
NH ST 466:30a

Muzzling & Restraining Referendum
NH ST 466.30b




Impoundment of Dog w/out Tag
NH ST 436:107

Order; Rabies Epidemic
NH ST 466:29



Group Licenses (kennel)

NH ST 466.6




New Jersey



Supersedure of Local Law
NJ ST 4-19-36



Use of Tax Collections to Pay Animal Damage Claims
NJ ST 4-19-4


Liability of Owner for Impoundment & Destruction Costs
NJ ST 4-19-26


Annual Dog Taxes
NJ ST 4-19-1

Disposition of Dog Fees
NJ ST 4-19-15-11

License Fee May be Fixed by Ordinance
NJ ST 4-19-15-12

Fees for License (dogs)
NJ ST 4-19-31






New Mexico


Animals as Personal Property
NM ST 77-1-1

Regulation & Licensure of Dogs
NM ST 77-1-15

Local Control – Dogs & Cats Running at Large
NM ST 77-1-12












New York



Local Laws or Ordinances (dogs)
NY Agri. & Mkts. 124

Preemption of Local Laws
NY Gen. Bus. 753e

Town Ordinances
NY Town 130





Seizure of Dogs; Redemption Period; Adoption
NY Agri. Mkts. 118


License Fees
NY Agri. & Mkts. 110




Disposition of Stray or Unwanted Dogs by Municipality
NY Gen. Mun. 88


Dog Stealing
NY Agri. Mkts. 366

North Carolina



Regulation of Domestic Animals

NC ST 160A-186


Local Ordinances

NC ST 67-4-5







Animal Taxes

NC ST 160A-212






North Dakota



Additional Powers of City Council & Commissioners

ND ST 40-05-02
















County, Township, & Municipal Corp. Ordinances; Control of Dogs

OH ST 955.221




Dangerous Dog Law

OH ST 955

Impounding Animals

OH ST 715.23


Impoundment of Companion Animal; Request for Hearing

OH ST 959.132










Dogs as Personal Property

OK ST 1-717

Counties over 200,000 – Regulation & Control of Dogs

OK ST T.4 394

Animals Running at Large

OK ST T.11 22-115



Dangerous Dog Definitions

OK ST T.4 44





Animal Facilities Protection Act

OK ST T.21 1680


Delivery of Animal on Demand

OK ST T.4 394






Dogs as Personal Property

OR ST 609.020

Application of State Law (dog ordinances)

OR ST 609.015

Publication of Election Result; Dogs Running at Large Petition

OR ST 609.060


Impounding of Dogs Running at Large or Biting

OR ST 609.090



Impoundment of Dogs Chasing Livestock

OR ST 609.155


Opportunity of Dog Owner to Request Hearing

OR ST 609.156


Hearings; Notice to Owner; Reexamination

OR ST 609.158


Guidelines for Imposing Reasonable Measures; Civil Penalties & Other Sanctions

OR ST 609.162


Enhanced Penalties for Habitual Violators

OR ST 609.163






Inspection of Records of Animal Dealer

OR ST 609.520







Dog Ordinances – Applicability to Cities of the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Class

PA ST 3 P.S. 459-1201


Power of Municipalities to Tax & Destroy Dogs

PA ST 53 P.S. 23144


Local Regulation of Dogs

PA ST 53 P.S. 66530


Construction of Article (sterilization of cats & dogs)

PA ST 3 P.S. 459-910A




Construction of Article (dangerous dogs)

PA ST 3 P.S. 459-507A


Dog Quarantine Area

PA ST 3 P.S. 459-301






Nuisances and Injunction (noise from dog training)

PA ST 3 P.S. 551


General Immunity from Noise Laws (dog training)

PA ST 3 P.S. 550

Puerto Rico



Powers & Faculties – Dog Ordinances

PR ST T.21 4054


Municipal Regulation of Domestic Animals

PR ST T.24 651













Rhode Island



Regulatory Ordinances (dogs)

RI ST 4-13-1


Prior Ordinances Preserved (dogs)

RI ST 4-13-3


Penalties for Violations of Dog Laws

RI ST 4-19-18

Ordinances Concerning Unrestricted & Vicious Dogs; Leash Laws

RI ST 4-13-15.1


Collaring of Dogs

RI ST 4-13-15



Towns of Portsmouth, West Warwick, Middletown & City of Woonsocket; Vicious Dog Ordinances

RI ST 4-13-1.1


Vicious Dog Licensing & Fees

RI ST 4-13-1.9


Responsibility for Local Rabies Control

RI ST 4-13-29.1

Disposition of Dog License Fees

RI ST 4-13-8





Veterinarian’s Emergency Treatment of Animal; Immunity from Liability

RI ST 4-15-15

South Carolina



Local Animal Care & Control Ordinances

SC ST 47-3-20




Dangerous Dog; Liability of Owner

SC ST 47-3-110









South Dakota




Running at Large Prohibited by County

SD ST 40-34-5















Use of Electronic Locating Collars & Ordinance

TN ST 44-17-401




Dangerous Dogs; Death or Serious Injury; Destruction

TN ST 44-17-120












Preemption generally

TX ST 1-08

Restraint; Criminal Penalty

TX Health & Safety Code 826.034



Dangerous Dogs

TX ST 822.041


Reporting of Incident in Certain Counties

TX Health & Safety Code 822.0422

Restraint, Impoundment & Disposition of Dogs & Cats by Local Gov’t

TX Health & Safety Code 826.031

Area Rabies Quarantine

TX Health & Safety Code 826.045


Vaccination; Criminal Penalty

TX Health & Safety Code 826.022

Registration of Dogs & Cats by Local Gov’t

TX Health & Safety Code 826.031


Registration; Criminal Penalty

TX Health & Safety Code 826.032


Animal Shelters

TX 823














License & Tax; Destruction, Sale & Other Disposal

UT ST 10-8-65




Safekeeping by Officer Pending Disposition – Stray Animals

UT ST 77-24-1-5


Dog or Pet Abandoned at Veterinarian Office

UT ST 58-28-9




Dogs & Cats Deemed Personal Property

VA ST 3.1-796.127



Governing Body of County, City, or Town May Adopt Ordinances (dogs)

VA ST 3.1-796.94


Unlawful Acts Related to Dogs Ordinances, Generally

VA ST 3.1-796.128


Local Ordinances; Penalties

VA ST 3.1-796.84

Referendum on Ordinance Requiring Dogs on Leash

VA ST 3.1-796.95

Definitions Related to Hybrid Dogs

VA ST 3.1-796.126:8

Compensation for Livestock & Poultry Killed by Dog

VA ST 3.1-796.118

Authority to Prohibit Training of Attack Dogs

VA ST 3.1-796.93.2


Rabies Regulations Covering Local Ordinances

VA ST 32.1-48.3


Regulations to Prevent Spread of Rabies & Running at Large of Vicious Dogs

VA ST 3.1-796.117


Rabid Animals

VA ST 3.1-796.98


Inoculation for Rabies at Animal Shelter

VA ST 3.1-796.99

Unlicensed Dogs Prohibited

VA ST 3.1-796.85


How to Obtain Dog or Cat License

VA ST 3.1-796.86


Amount of Dog or Cat License

VA ST 3.1-796.87


Regulation of Sale of Animals Procured from Animal Shelters

VA ST 3.1-796-94:2



Illegal to Sell Dog or Cat Fur

VA ST 3.1-796.128:2




Enumeration of Powers (dog ordinances)
VT ST T.24 2291
















Dog Ordinances – Specific Powers Enumerated
WA ST 35-27-370

Additional Powers of Cities
WA ST 35-30-010




Dangerous Dogs & Related Definitions
WA ST 16-08-070

Dangerous Dogs & Potentially Dangerous Dogs
WA ST 16-08-090









West Virginia




Vaccinated Dogs May Run at Large Unless Ordinance
WV ST 19-20A-8






Dog Head Tax & Registration
WV ST 7-7-6d









County Administration (dog ordinances)
WI ST 59.52

Dog Ordinances by County Board
WI ST 59.54

Town Board Powers
WI ST 60.23



Actions Against Owners for Damage
WI ST 174.12

Claims for Damage by Dogs to Domestic Animals including Mink
WI ST 174.11


Dog Impound; Disposition of Animals
WI ST 173.23

Reasons for Taking Custody of Animals
WI ST 173.13


Registration, Licensing, & Listing of Dog by Municipality
WI ST 174.06

Dog Licenses and Collar Tags
WI ST 174.07









General Powers of Governing Bodies
WY ST 15-1-103

Dogs at Large as Public Nuisance
WY ST 11-31-301




























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