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Baldwin's Ohio Revised Code Annotated. Title XXIX. Crimes--Procedure. Chapter 2927. Miscellaneous Offenses--Repealed (2012)

Statute Details
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Citation: R.C. 2927.21

Citation: OH ST 2927.21

Last Checked by Web Center Staff: 01/2014

Summary:   Formerly, this Ohio law provides than an owner or keeper of any non-indigenous or exotic animal that presents a risk of serious physical harm to persons or property must report the animal's escape within one hour after discovering its escape. Failure to do so is a first degree misdemeanor. However, this law was repealed in 2012.

Statute in Full:


Former Text

(A) The owner or keeper of any member of a species of the animal kingdom that escapes from the owner's or keeper's custody or control and that is not indigenous to this state or presents a risk of serious physical harm to persons or property, or both, shall, within one hour after the owner or keeper discovers or reasonably should have discovered the escape, report it to:

(1) A law enforcement officer of the municipal corporation or township and the sheriff of the county where the escape occurred; and

(2) The clerk of the municipal legislative authority or the fiscal officer of the township where the escape occurred.

(B) If the office of the clerk of a municipal legislative authority or township fiscal officer is closed to the public at the time a report is required by division (A) of this section, it is sufficient compliance with division (A)(2) of this section if the owner or keeper makes the report within one hour after the office is next open to the public.

(C) Whoever violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree.


(2005 S 107, eff. 12-20-05; 1985 H 32, eff. 9-11-85)

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